About Us

Evolution Psychology was established by Lisa Armstrong in order to provide opportunities for Educational Psychologists and other practitioners to promote Positive Mental Well-Being and provide support for Parents, Pupils and Staff in schools.

We aim to provide services which meet the needs of individual Schools, Academies, Multi-Academy Trusts, Early Years Providers and Colleges by offering  range of bespoke assessment, training and consultation services.

We also work to support Parents and can provide services and training directly to individuals and groups.  We believe that by sharing evidence-based strategies, information and everyday parenting tools, we can empower parents to be able to gain a better understanding of their child’s development, behaviours and needs, whilst also promoting positive well-being within the family.

Evolution Psychology is able to consult with a range of professional contacts and associates in order to ensure that we can provide clients with the service and skills required.  This includes Educational Psychologists, , Clinical Psychologists, Business Psychologists, Advisory Teachers and Play Therapists.

To book an appointment, please use our online appointments calendar or contact us directly using our contact form.