Supporting Parents and Families

Evolution Psychology has experience of working with  Parents and Families in a wide range of situations.   Educational Psychologists will usually aim to meet with Parents when asked to complete an assessment of a Child or Young Person, in order to gain a wide range of information pertinent to the referral request.

Common Assessment Framework

Supporting Parents

Educational Psychologists are also able to support Parents in understanding their Child’s development and help them consider alternative approaches if relationships in Families become difficult.  Where a Child or Young Person has been diagnosed with a Medical issue which may be impacting on their Social, Emotional or Cognitive development, Evolution Psychology can work with Parents to help them understand and support their child’s needs.

We also work with Enriching Parenting who offer Seminars and Support for parents – please contact us for more information.


Evolution Psychology also has experience working with families receiving support and intervention from Social Care Direct/Social Services, ranging from involvement in Common Assessment Frameworks (CAFs) to Child Protection Conferences and Looked After Children (LAC) procedures.


Common Assessment Framework

The CAF is a shared assessment and planning framework widely used across Children’s Services in England. It aims to support the early identification of children’s additional needs and promote co-ordinated service provision to ensure those needs are met.  Evolution Psychology can attend CAF meetings and provide psychological advice and perspective to the procedures.


Child Protection Conferences

Educational Psychologists at Evolution Psychology have experience in CPCs and are able to contribute to the statutory process at the request of the Local Authority, Other Professionals or Parents.

Looked After Children

Local Authortities have overarching responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people in their area and have additional statutory responsibilities for children who are placed in their care. Evolution Psychology can work with Local Authorities and Carers to help them identify, understand and support the needs of children in their care.


If you would like further information or if you would like to discuss your individual needs or requirements, please contact us in complete confidence and with no further obligation.