Children and Young People

Evolution Psychology can provide a range of services to support Children and Young People.

Children and Young People

Educational Psychologists are skilled in working with children and young people who are experiencing difficulties at nursery, school or college, and are able to provide advice to parents and teachers.  Work might typically involve an initial evaluation of the presenting difficulty through an assessment of the child or young person and consultation with a parent/carer. Educational psychologists consider the interaction between the child, adult and environment when carrying out an assessment, and aim to work collaboratively with others in considering these factors wherever possible. It may, therefore, be appropriate to consult with school staff and carry out observations and assessments within the educational environment as part of the piece of work. This will only be done with the consent of the parent/carer.

Educational Psychologists at Evolution Psychology are able to carry out assessments and provide advice for children who have been diagnosed with, or show traits of, a clinical/medical condition (e.g. Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Attachment Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder).  They can also provide training for school staff, parents and carers to help promote understanding of these issues.

In addition to completing assessments and providing advice for the child/young person and key adults, Evolution Psychology is also able to offer ongoing support and interventions through direct work with the individual. The nature of this will be determined by the outcome of the assessment, but might include sessions which focus on the development of specific skills (eg Social Interaction Skills, Emotional Awareness/Regulation Skills) or a therapeutic intervention to address an underlying psychological issue (eg anxiety, trauma).


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