Schools and Education

Psychologists at Evolution Psychology have considerable experience and expertise working within educational environments.

Educational Psychologists work within schools to provide support and advice on a wide range of educational issues. Work can be carried out at the individual, group or systemic level, with pupils, teachers, support staff, senior leaders and parents. Educational psychologists are familiar with school systems and the wider educational context.  They can therefore provide advice in relation to more general aspects of teaching and learning as well as special educational needs.  Examples or work might include:

  • Classroom observations and feedback
  • Pupil assessments (with a range of written report options)
  • Discussions with staff
  • Training at school staff meetings
  • Training at school INSET days
  • Training for small groups
  • Policy development with Senior Leaders
  • Staff consultation sessions
  •  Meetings with parents
  • Attendance at multi-agency meetings
  • Parent groups
  • Training for parents
  • Attendance/Training at Governor/Board meetings

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Educational psychologists are typically involved in the assessment, identification and advice for pupils with a Special Educational Need or Disability. They are able to support schools in meeting the needs of individuals with a wide range of SEN (eg Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Specific Learning Difficulties, Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs etc). This usually involves observations within the learning environment, consultations with relevant school staff and parents and individual work with the child or young person. Signed parental consent is needed before this work can take place. Evolution Psychology can contact parents at the request of a school in order to explain the purpose and role of the psychologist, if this is considered useful. Following an initial assessment and consultation, a detailed report will provide information regarding the findings, and recommendations will be made to support the school and parents in meeting the pupil’s needs.

Working with Pupils

In addition to supporting individual pupils, Evolution Psychology is able to work with groups of pupils to address specific issues, such as Self Esteem, Motivation, Social Skills, Self-Regulation (including anger management), Study skills, Conflict resolution etc.

Developing Policies and Practise

Evolution Psychology also has experience of working systemically within schools in order to develop policy and practise. This can include consultations with teachers, support staff or senior leaders.   It may incorporate training sessions around a particular aspect of school development (eg inclusion policy, well-being, behaviour management, emotional literacy, learning styles) or around a particular special educational need (as above). In addition to this, Evolution Psychology is able to offer support to school staff experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress related to their role or provide supervision for staff working directly with challenging or vulnerable pupils.

More Information

If you would like further information or if you would like to discuss your individual needs or requirements, please contact us in complete confidence and with no further obligation.